Mr Peder Andreasen, MSc (Economics), is elected President of ENTSO-E - the European Network of Transmission System Operators. ENTSO-E represents 41 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 34 countries across Europe. Peder Andreasen was appointed President and CEO of on 1 March

  1. is combined electricity and gas TSO for Denmark, and Mr Andreasen has played a leading role in forming the company’s strategy, based on the broad Danish political agreement of becoming independent of fossil fuels in 2050.

In June 2013 Mr Andreasen was elected to the board in ENTSO-E - a position he held until he became President. Mr Andreasen is also member of the board in the Danish Energy Industries Federation.

Before his employment with, Mr Andreasen worked 19 years with telecommunication with TDC (the leading provider of communications solutions in Denmark) where he held managerial posts within finance, IT, product development and production – most recently as CEO of the group’s largest subsidiary TDC Tele Denmark. During his employment with TDC, Mr Andreasen worked as CIO in Belgacom (Belgium) for three years. Following TDC, Mr Andreasen was COO of ATP (Danish wage earners’ supplementary pension).