Darko Kramar has been working for the Company ELES, Slovenian Transmission System Operator, for the past thirteen years. He is an expert in electrical engineering with a focus on electric power systems operation and electricity markets.

His main areas of responsibility are operational security, ancillary services, cross-border capacity and balancing issues. During the first four years as a senior analyst, his work entailed system analysis, involved also in inter-TSO compensation mechanism. From 2007-2012 he was Head of Strategy and Risk management, responsible for TSO activities related to electricity markets. He was involved in the establishment of Central Allocation Office in Central-Eastern Europe, in the implementation of day-ahead market coupling between Italy in Slovenia and in the harmonization of scheduling processes among CEE TSO’s as a working group convener.

In 2013, he assumed the position of Assistant Director in the TSO Division, representing ELES also in ENTSO-E RG CE Plenary and SOC. Mr. Kramar is fully engaged in various projects, among others he is a co-coordinator of the H2020 project FutureFlow.