Day 1


  • Check-in

    Registration & Lunch


  • Opening

    Peder Andreasen, CEO,, Denmark; President, ENTSO-E

    Christian Buchel, Deputy-CEO, Chief Digital & International Officer, Enedis, France; Vice-Chair, EDSO for Smart Grids

    Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President for the Energy Union, European Commission

    Peder Andreasen
    Christian Buchel
    Maroš Šefčovič


  • First session

    Integrating networks

    Panel discussion between:

    Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President for the Energy Union, European Commission

    Ben Voorhorst, COO, TenneT; Vice-Chair, ENTSO-E

    Christian Buchel, Deputy-CEO, Chief Digital & International Officer, Enedis, France; Vice-Chairman, EDSO for Smart Grids

    Brice Fabry, Zero Emission Strategy & Ecosystem Director, Nissan

    Moderator: Adam Malik, Managing Director, Engerati

    Adam Malik
    Maroš Šefčovič
    Ben Voorhorst
    Christian Buchel
    Brice Fabry


  • Break

    Coffee Break


  • Second session

    Enabling hard and soft technologies for the smart and sustainable energy system 

    Panel discussion between:

    Chandu Visweswariah, Founding President and CEO, Utopus Insights, USA

    Alexander Vasylchenko, Co-Founder, CEO, Sofitto, Belgium

    Michael Walsh, Vice President and Managing Director, Europe Region of Smart Wires, US

    Giles Dickson, CEO, WindEurope

    Wim Ivens, System Operations Advisor, ENTSO-E

    Moderated by Susanne Nies, Corporate Affairs Manager, ENTSO-E

    Discussant: Kaja Kallas, MEP, ITRE Committee, European Parliament

    Kaja Kallas
    Susanne Nies
    Chandu Visweswariah
    Alexander Vasylchenko
    Michael Walsh
    Giles Dickson
    Wim Ivens


  • Networking dinner

Day 2


  • Check-in

    Breakfast & Registration


  • Opening

    Digital grids and markets - What’s in it for the prosumer and the IEM

    Kamila Kloc, Deputy Head of Cabinet, Digital Single Market & Digital Economy and Society, European Commission

    João Torres, President, EDSO; CEO, EDP Distribuição, Portugal

    Laurent Schmitt, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Kamila Kloc
    João Torres
    Laurent Schmitt


  • Setting priorities for Smart Grid research – ETIP SNET new implementation plan

    Konstantin Staschus, Chair of the ETIP Smart Networks for the Energy Transition

    Nikos Hatziargyriou, Vice-Chair of the ETIP Smart Networks for the Energy Transition; Board Member, EDSO for Smart Grids; CEO at Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator SA (HEDNO)

    Konstantin Staschus
    Nikos Hatziargyriou


  • Accelerating the integration of flexibility solutions - the BRIDGE initiative

    Remy Denos, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission

    Remy Denos


  • Break

    Coffee break


  • Parallel session

    Prosumer empowerment & active system management 

    Stew Horne, Head of Energy Regulation, Citizens Advice, UK

    Hans Vandenbroucke, Head of Market Structure, Elia System Operator, Belgium

    Antony Zegers, Responsible for R&D projects for System Operators and Service Providers, AIT / International Smart Grids Action Network

    R&D projects

    • Electra - Luciano Martini, Director of Transmission and Distribution Technologies, RSE Spa, Italy
    • FutureFlow - Darko Kramar, Assistant Director, TSO Division, ELES, Slovenia
    • UPGRID - Roberto González Sainz-Maza, Global Smart Grids, Iberdrola, Spain
    • InspireGrid - Stefano Maran, Leading Scientist, RSE Spa, Italy
    • Puglia Active Network - Vincenzo Maria Emma, Senior Project Manager, e-distribuzione, Italy

    Discussion moderated by Annika Viklund, Senior Vice-President, Vattenfall, Sweden

    Stew Horne
    Hans Vandenbroucke
    Antony Zegers
    Stefano Maran
    Vincenzo Maria Emma
    Darko Kramar
    Roberto González Sainz-Maza
    Luciano Martini
    Annika Viklund
  • Parallel session

    Data management & Data hubs

    Johannes Reindl, Managing Director, Netz Niederösterreich, Austria

    Olivier Corradi, Founder, Tomorrow

    Olivier Hersent, CEO and CTO, Actility, France

    Jan Magne Strand, Senior Advisor, Elhub, Norway

    R&D projects

    • Flexiciency - Laura Marretta, Project Management and Exploitation Unit - Global Infrastructure and Network, ENEL, Italy
    • Estfeed - Kaija Valdmaa, Project Manager, Elering, Estonia
    • InteGrid - Pedro Godinho Matos, Business Development Manager, EDP Distribuição, Portugal

    Discussion moderated by Konstantin Staschus, Chair, ETIP Smart Network for the Energy Transition; Managing Director, StaRGET

    Johannes Reindl
    Jan Magne Strand
    Kaija Valdmaa
    Olivier Corradi
    Laura Marretta
    Pedro Godinho Matos
    Olivier Hersent
    Konstantin Staschus


  • Break



  • Award in memoriam of Ana Aguado

    Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation

    Jean-Michel Glachant


  • Best regulation for digital grids - From vision...

    Alberto Pototschnig, Director, ACER

    Bente Hagem, Chair, ENTSO-E; Executive Vice-President, Statnett

    Egon Westphal, Member of the Board, EDSO; Member of the Board, E.ON, Germany

    Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Director, DG Energy, European Commission

    Edit Herczog, Managing director of Vision &Values; Board Member of the ‘Research Data Alliance’; former MEP

    Moderated by Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation

    Alberto Pototschnig
    Bente Hagem
    Mechthild Wörsdörfer
    Egon Westphal
    Edit Herczog
    Jean-Michel Glachant


  • reality - An enabling framework for a smart and sustainable energy system

    Anna Colucci, DG Energy, European Commission

    Merce Griera, Policy Officer, DG Connect, European Commission

    Jesse Scott, Analyst, International Energy Agency

    James Watson, CEO, SolarPower Europe

    Frauke Thies, Executive Director, SEDC

    Erwin Smole, CSO & Co-Founder, Grid Singularity

    Introduced and moderated by Roberto Zangrandi Secretary-General, EDSO, and Laurent Schmitt, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Anna Colucci
    Merce Griera
    James Watson
    Frauke Thies
    Jesse Scott
    Erwin Smole
    Laurent Schmitt
    Roberto Zangrandi


  • End of conference